The GOAL-Database is here

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  • The GOAL-Database is here

    Dear Open Access friends After lots of work, finally the GOAL-Database is online. Organised around three entangled collections, it contains information about the publishers, journals, and their policies. The database is initially available in English, but this is only the beginning. We plan to further develop its functionalities, including versions in French, German, and Italian. […]

  • The (un)attractiveness of Green Open Access – Thoughts and takeaways from the 25 May Webinar

    As announced in the last post, GOAL project members participated in the webinar organised by swissuniversities on 25 May. The session was lively with 24 participants. In addition to presenting the current state of the project, it was possible to compare opinions on the (un)attractiveness of Green Open Access. The project is moving forward and, […]

  • Taking Green Open Access steps to close the gap – Webinar 25th of May (Thursday) at 4 p.m.

    Thanks to the expansion and development of Open Access during the last twenty years the way we publish and the way we access information has changed substantially. Open Access is no longer a mere dream but a reality. And yet, there is still much that can be done. The world of professional and practice-oriented journals, […]

  • The road of the dialogue.

    GOAL visits the Schweizerischer Verband der Verleger der Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften On 24 January, two members of our project team had the opportunity to present and discuss the aims of the project and the development of (green) Open Access in Switzerland with the directorate of the Schweizerischer Verband der Verleger der Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften (Swiss […]

  • Mapping the (green) landscape – GOAL’s first report is online

    The first thing you must do if you want to change a landscape is to map it. Only by mapping it, it is possible to know the landscape and find what can be done to improve it. As GOAL wants to unlock the green Open Access potential, in the first phase of the project the […]

  • Building up the (legal) basis: Project workshop with CCdigitallaw

    To publish Open Access does not mean simply uploading a publication and making it freely available on the Internet. Much on the contrary, the different roads to proper Open Access publishing are marked by legal frameworks to ensure that all involved parties – the authors, their funders, the publishers, the libraries, the readers – are […]

  • Making the case for (Green) Open Access: A general view

    Scholarly research is a collaborative task. Even individual projects are the result of collaboration and sharing, for they too are based on the exchange and discussion of ideas and information. If sharing is taken out of the equation, knowledge ceases to be produced, and finding solutions to challenging problems becomes increasingly difficult. Sharing information between […]