Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM)
See Post-print
Open Access
Open Access is a publication model whose aim is to grant free, legal and stable online access to academic information. Several Open Access models or “roads” coexist. You can find more information about them in the section “Further Information”.
Open Access Policy
An Open Access Policy is a document that states the kind(s) of Open Access a publisher offers authors and explains how they affect them.
A post-print is the final version of a manuscript once the formal peer-review process is over and before the publisher has type-set it. The post-print is also known as author accepted manuscript (AAM) or accepted version.
A preprint is the manuscript sent by the author(s) to a journal. It is the version of the text before the peer-review has taken place. It is also known as submitted version, original manuscript or author’s manuscript.
Publication, secondary
A secondary publication is the accessible copy of a work that has first been published by a publisher
Repository, disciplinary
A disciplinary repository is an online archive/database containing works on a particular subject area which is operated by a non-commercial organization (e.g. academic institutions), excluding social networks such as Researchgate.
Repository, institutional
An institutional repository is an online archive/database operated by a non-commercial Organization (e.g. Academic Institutions), excluding Social Networks such as Researchgate