Sounding Board

The role of the Sounding Board

GOAL intends to bring together as many Swiss universities of applied sciences and of teachers’ education as possible. The Sounding Board is the place where Open Access specialists and/or other representatives from these institutions such as university managers or administrators can come into close contact with GOAL.

The Board’s role is a relevant one, as it advises the Project Team on important decisions such as:

  • Inclusion or exclusion of certain types of journals,
  • Securing cooperation between various institutions,
  • Development of tools to be (re-)used by project partners and interested parties

Furthermore, the members of the Sounding Board can contribute to individual work packages.

GOAL’s internal organization. Diagramm by the GOAL-Team under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 License.

Members of the Sounding Board

The Sounding Board is composed by representatives of twelve different Swiss higher education institutions. Eight are universities of teacher education, four are universities of applied sciences. The French, Italian and German-speaking regions are represented in the Board.

Universities of teacher education

Board Member: Stefan Willi

Board Member: Gerhard Bissels

Board Member: Judith Hangartner

Board Member: Ermeline Jaggi

Board Member: Ibrahim Aközel-Bussmann

Board Member: Sabine Wahrenberger

Board Member: Christian Muheim

Universities of applied sciences

Board Member: Cristina Carlino

Board Member: Vitus Gämperli

Board Members: Loredana Alberti & Iolanda Pensa