The GOAL-Database is here

Dear Open Access friends

After lots of work, finally the GOAL-Database is online. Organised around three entangled collections, it contains information about the publishers, journals, and their policies.

Landing Page GOAL Database

The database is initially available in English, but this is only the beginning. We plan to further develop its functionalities, including versions in French, German, and Italian. Likewise, its content keeps growing.

We are still adding information about the journals we have contacted – prioritising those that have adopted and implemented (Green) Open Access policies. We will keep adding further publishers, journals and their policies not only until the project’s end, but also after the GOAL-project closes by the end of December 2024.

If you want to know more about the database, take a quick look to its guidelines. If you want to suggest a journal with a policy, take a look to the guidelines about how to do it and use the feedback form to contact us. We will be glad to check the information and incorporate it to the database if it complies with the (very few) requisites we have.

  • By Enrique Corredera NiIsson
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  • 2. May 2024
Of (small) steps and publication cultures.
The work behind the GOAL-Database