GOAL – The road of the negotiation begins to bring green results

As you all know, GOAL is committed to the expansion of Green Open Access solutions and policies. Over the past few months, we have been mapping the field, preparing ourselves with the support of CCdigitallaw, spreading the word and gathering information from interested stakeholders, be they Open Access specialists or publishers.

We have also prepared materials internally to contact and negotiate with publishers. Negotiations are ongoing and will continue in the coming months. The results are now beginning to be visible.

If you want to know which journals now have (Green) Open Access Policies, visit the Results page on our website. There you will find two types of results:

  • First, journals that have adopted a Green Open Access Policy that they have developed with us.
  • Second, journals we wanted to contact, or that we did contact, but which in the meantime had developed their own Open Access policy.

Keep in mind that we are working in a dynamic environment and Open Access is in full swing. Do not forget to visit us!

  • Di: Enrique Corredera NiIsson
  • ·
  • 26. Luglio 2023
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