The work behind the GOAL-Database

As you all know, the GOAL-Database is now online and available to everyone. If you want to learn about its content and how to suggest a policy for inclusion, please read the previous post.

Understanding what you can find in our database is great, but there’s more. If you’re interested in the technical details, you now have the opportunity to learn about how it was built. Our colleagues, Nicolai Hauf and Dana Ghousson, gave a talk last April as part of the DSpace Praxistreffen 2024. The talk, which is in German, was recorded and can be found here.

The GOAL-Database is based on DSpace software version 7. By using this software, we not only benefit from the continuity provided by the DSpace community, but we also demonstrate an alternative use of this software. If you want to learn about the challenges and possibilities, check out the talk—it’s worth it.

  • Von Enrique Corredera NiIsson
  • ·
  • 28. Mai 2024
The GOAL-Database is here